Our central guideline is the intertwining of tradition and quality, which we strive to reflect in the best and highest quality jewelry offer. Your loyalty means a lot to us, so we want to upgrade it and make sure that you, as the Zlatarna Celje Gold Card holders, are satisfied with the jewelry and purchases in our stores.

On the Gold Card, each of your purchases is added up and at the same time entered into a computer system, which, based on the total amount of purchases from the last two years, automatically classifies you into credit rating classes that allow you various discounts.

When you reach a higher credit rating, you will be granted a new discount amount on your next purchase. You can always check the status and amount of the discount at all Zlatarna Celje points of sale.

You can obtain a gold card at any Zlatarna Celje point of sale by filling out the membership statement. A purchase is not a condition for obtaining a Gold Card. Your Gold Card is already active upon acquisition, so you can use its regular benefits immediately. If you are already a user of our loyalty program, you do not need to fill out a new membership statement, but we invite you to view our renewed program.

Benefits of Zlatarna Celje Gold Card:

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zlata kartica zlatarna celje