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The history of goldsmithing dates back to ancient times, before the beginning of the Bronze and Iron Ages, when jewelry was already made from native gold and silver. Goldsmith's craft in Celje also boasts a long and rich tradition:

As a craft activity, it first appeared in archival documents of the medieval guild framework in Celje in the middle of the 15th century.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, immigrant Italian goldsmiths took advantage of the favorable conditions for the establishment of a goldsmith's craft in the town along the Savinja. The most successful among them was the Pacchiaffo family, who founded a family business in 1844.

In 1921, brothers Alojz and Ivan Knez opened their goldsmith's workshop at Gosposka ulica. Shortly afterwards, they decided to establish a joint venture with August Pacchiaffo.

In 1925, the company was entered in the register at the district court under the name "Pacchiaffo, Knez in drug, tovarna zlatnine in srebrnine"

In 1934, the company was renamed to Knez & Pacchiaffo.

After the war, changes took place in the development of the goldsmith company, so in 1950 several nationalized companies were given the name Zlatarna Celje. The latter represents the foundation for the international company Zlatarna Celje, one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Europe.

1968 marks the move from the old factory in Gaberje to the premises at Kersnikova ulica 19 in Celje, where Zlatarna Celje is still stationed today.

In 1974, for the first time, it exceeded the magic limit of one million dollars in exports to Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, England, the Soviet Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

In 1982, Zlatarna Celje presented itself for the first time at one of the largest goldsmith exhibitions in the world in New York.

In 1985 and 1986, Zlatarna Celje organized the International Goldsmith Workshops, which met with a wide response in the world of goldsmiths and designers.

In 1988, the largest number of employees was recorded - 1,100 employees in the joint venture Zlatarna Celje.

1999 marks a turning point in the success of Zlatarna Celje, when a new beginning with a new owner was recorded.

In 2005, the most successful Slovenian photo model Martina Kajfež became the recognizable face of Zlatarna Celje.

In 2007, we witnessed the opening of the 100th store in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

In 2008, the first “Jewelry Ballet” takes place, naming the show and exhibition of unique pieces of jewelry.

2009 marks the beginning of a successful collaboration with the best Slovenian skier Tina Maze; the first issue of Prestige magazine also sees the light of day.

In 2010, the sales network was successfully expanded to a new market - Bulgaria;

2011 marks the beginning of the renovation of the image of Zlatarna Celje stores.

In 2013, the presentation of the first own numismatic product takes place - a silver memory coin by Tina Maze.

In 2016, the success story with the ambassadors among athletes continues, namely the basketball player Antonija Mišura becomes the recognizable face of Lencia in Croatia.