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Make your loved ones feel happy and smiling.



reat invaluable memories that give special importance to your life with a sparkling gift - a gold or silver memory coin. The personalized coin is suitable for all life milestones, and you will add a personal note to it with an engraved message, where you can choose a text, name or even a photo. Thanks to these unique coins, every memory will skillfully defy the flow of time.

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Some moments in life are so important that they deserve special attention. With a unique gift, you will immortalize them for a lifetime.


The unique gift My gram of gold immortalizes the turning points in your life on a personalized card with a gold plate. You can choose between 1-, 2- and 5-gram investment plates, which you design completely by yourself. My gram of gold is a unique personal gift that you will make your own with an added inscription, photo or name. In addition to a refined gesture that will be imprinted in a lasting memory, gold is also a safe investment as it does not lose value.

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A unique gift for you or for a special person. Design a personalized chain with a name or initial letter, or a ring that will shine on your hand or on the hand of your loved one. Each product will be designed especially for you and quality made in silver (925/000) or gold (585/000).

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With unique gifts, you will give special significance to special moments in your life.