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Attraction symbols are the key to the energies that awaken our abilities.


"Pendants with Attraction symbols are designed as smaller stylized ergonomic stones." Désirée Kolarec, designer.

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Attraction symbols are a tool that helps us attract the right energy and get to the best that lies within us, and the support that everyone needs from time to time in life. They are said to have been used by ancient civilizations, but reappeared in Slovenia in the previous millennium.


Attraction symbols are a tool that helps us attract the right energy and get to the best that lies within us, and the support that everyone needs from time to time in life.

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The smooth surface and minimalist design ensure comfort. Attraction symbols can be worn on a leather bracelet, on a rubber band or in a wallet.

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Pendants with symbols for love, health, happiness, friendship, success, attractiveness and memory are available at Zlatarna Celje.

The Lencia Attraction Symbols project was created in collaboration with Maya Peron.


Amar Nat is designed to attract as much love as possible into our lives and completely permeate us with its divine vibration. It transforms us and gives us strength, as it knows how to draw the best out of us and reconnect us with our deepest essence, which blossoms and glows again.

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The Attraction symbol for health encompasses both the entire healing process and the ultimate goal of complete healing. It is used to improve the general health of all bodies (material, astral, mental and spiritual), to restore a healthy balance in the body and to prevent disease.

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The symbol of happiness is a record of pure positive energy. It helps us keep up with a positive emotional and mental attitude, which attracts happiness into our lives and also helps us maintain it. It reminds us that happiness is the current state of mind and that in the present moment we are the perfect shapers of our destiny and the designers of our own happiness.

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Friendship is one form of unconditional love, a bridge between the essence of two or more beings where there is no room for drama, romance, opportunism, overthinking, checking, and mistrust. It is about the fullness of experience without expectations and demands, about the pure joy of sharing your emotions, time and world. If you want to clarify, revalue, strengthen and improve your friendships, or bring the glow of new acquaintances into your life, use the attraction symbol Kal Daran.

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Tir Kairi helps us conquer a new notion of performance and moves us into a circle of winners. New, unimaginable opportunities open up before us, and we attract the energy of success into our lives with magnetic attraction. At the same time, it dissolves the harmful thought patterns of failure that we mostly received in the earliest periods of life. It strengthens the winner stat of mind that cannot fail if he directs the energy of his attention to winning properly.

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The symbol of attraction helps us attract true friends, lovers, jobs, actions, situations, opportunities and abilities into our lives. With its help, we will act more attractive and more charming, especially for those people who will help us in the realization of our life mission or destiny.

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The Attraction symbol of Pil Arei does not only mean the memory itself and its effective use, but above all a call to the hearth of the present time, where data can really benefit us. We use the symbol to recall memory when we want to remember something that is extremely important to us at that time. It represents the key to quality memory, which turns in the lock of the mind when we need it most.

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