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Feel the night rhythm of the city on your hand.


Each capital city has its own unique character. Architecture, events, people and relationships have a strong influence on the pulse of the city. The mysterious vibes and magic of a city are felt especially at night when the carpet of lights and mysterious silhouettes create stunning scenes.

The rings from the Metropolis Collection are colored with the magic of multicolored diamonds,
representing the night rhythm of the city.


Night city associations were the source of inspiration for the design of the Metropolis ring. The lower level is covered in colored diamonds that go from darker at the edge to lighter at the top. An arch goes over this part, through which diamonds sparkle, at the same time illustrating the night rhythm of the city.


The Metropolis ring is a unique product within a limited series of 99 pieces. It is available in a one-color or two-color combination of gold with hand-forged diamonds. It was designed by Zdenka Šamec and prepared by a team of experts from Zlatarna Celje. Each product is unique, as most of the processing is manual.

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The pulse of the city on your hands.