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We are aware that choosing the right piece of jewelry depends on the personal preferences of the individual, so a gift card can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Gift cards are available at all Zlatarna Celje points of sale or in the online store, and can be used in any Zlatarna Celje store in Slovenia. You can choose between gift cards worth € 20, € 50 or € 100.


As part of special promotions, take advantage of promotional codes that bring benefits when buying.


At Zlatarna Celje we have prepared a special loyalty program for you - Gold Card, which works on the principle of adding up the value of your purchases at our points of sale.

Why the Gold Card?

The Gold Card was established with the aim of rewarding loyalty and personal satisfaction of customers that are the foundation of the mission of Zlatarna Celje. By offering unique jewelry, we want to maintain the intertwining of a long tradition and recognized quality, and finally, with our Gold Card, provide a unique shopping experience in our stores. Even without buying, your Gold Card allows you to immediately take advantage of regular benefits such as a 10% discount on the purchase of sparkling wine with gold, free receipt of Prestige NEWS magazine and invitations to exhibitions and fashion events.

How to get a Gold Card?

You can obtain a Gold Card at any Zlatarna Celje point of sale by filling out a membership statement, whereby the purchase is not a condition for obtaining it. The Gold Card is already active upon acquisition, so holders can use its regular benefits immediately.

How does the Gold Card work?

On the Gold Card, purchases are added up and entered into the computer system at the same time. The system automatically classifies cardholders into credit ratings based on the total amount, which allow for various discounts on subsequent purchases.

Where can I use my Gold Card?

You can use your gold Card with every purchase of jewelry from Zlatarna Celje and Lencia and Lencia watches, regardless of the method of payment. To obtain discounts, the purchases of gold and silver jewelry, watches, memory coins and jewelry from the wedding program of Zlatarna Celje are added together.

How do I get information on how much discount I got?

You can check the balance on your Gold Card and the amount of the discount at all Zlatarna Celje points of sale. Gold Card benefits are classified into three credit rating classes: Class 0, Class 7, which gives you a 7% discount, and Class 10 with a 10% discount. When you reach a higher credit rating, you will be granted a new discount amount on your next purchase.

What to do if I lose my card?

If you lose your Gold Card, you can apply for a new one at one of Zlatarna Celje points of sale, and we will send it to your address free of charge. The lost card will be canceled, and the use of the new one will not be charged for membership or business fees.

Gold Card benefits:

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